A Quick Guide on How to Sell with Amazon

Has it been your dream to sell with Amazon? That is cool because you are aspiring to trade on the world’s largest marketplace. The Amazon marketplace is one where you sign up and list your products for sale. You can pay some fees as required by the platform and have your items displayed to customers all over the world. The two main ways of selling with Amazon are the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfill. Let us concern ourselves a bit more with the first method for now.

Selling products on Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is probably the better option for one to fulfill their products on the platform, but how does it work exactly?

  • First of all, identify the product that you intend to sell on Amazon.
  • Enlist your product for sale on the platform. While you are listing your item, don’t forget to set its selling price as well.
  • Keep your item ready for shipment to a Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse
  • Amazon will assign you a warehouse location where you can deliver your items in a box. Remember that you can package several items in one box because primarily, your responsibility is to transport them to Amazon’s warehouse safely. It is not for you to package the items as they should when delivered to the end customer. Amazon will fix that. So in case you have 10 copies of Scrabble board games that you want to sell, you are free to ship the entire 10 in one box as long as Amazon has allocated all of them to go the one warehouse.
Sell products online

That is all you have to do. Once your item arrives at the warehouse, Amazon will take the following steps

  • They will verify that the items you have sent to them are all in the right condition.
  • After verifying that your items are in the proper condition, your listings will be activated. That means that the relevant product detail page will show your seller name; hence avail your item for sale.
  • Your item will remain in their warehouse as it awaits a customer to order for it
  • Once a customer places an order, the Amazon team will ship the item to the customer.
  • Upon shipping the item, your share of the sale will be deposited into your seller account. Amazon subtracts its fee from the selling price to determine your share. Amazon will always notify you via email every time your order is shipped.
  • Every fortnight, you will be paid for all the items that have sold two weeks earlier

Basically, your part is to find items to sell and move them to Amazon. After that, Amazon will take care of the remaining process.

Why use the Fulfillment by Amazon program

Several benefits come with using the Fulfillment by Amazon plan, and chief among them is the free shipping service that is offered to customers.

All orders of over $25 of eligible items in all product categories qualify for free shipping. When you use the F.B.A program, your items qualify for the prime shipping benefits. That means that your customers can enjoy the free two-day shipping service on the items that you sell.  Currently, though, Amazon is implementing some extra benefits, and it now offers a free same day two hour delivery on some items in selected cities.

These quick shipping times are a big attraction to customers, and they give you a significant advantage over a seller whose item is not on a prime shipping plan. Additionally, it is in the prime shipper’s expectation that they will enjoy a similar return policy as that on the items that are sold by the marketplace. The plan gives them confidence that their items will be delivered as described and at the expected time. Just in case something goes wrong as it sometimes happens, the buyer is usually confident that the Amazon customer service will expeditiously resolve the issue.

The other advantage of using the FBA program is that Amazon does the heavier work. All you have to do is deliver the items at their doorstep, and they will bear the burden of getting it to the customers no matter where they are.

Why use the Fulfillment by Amazon program

Upon setting up an Amazon seller account, it is highly recommended that you download the Amazon Seller App.  The App is freely available through Amazon, and it will furnish you with details regarding the fees, selling prices and much more information about the products on the website. It also has directions on how to use your cell phone camera to scan any product barcode. Once you scan the barcode, you will be able to see all the fee and pricing information for the items that you are planning to sell on Amazon.

In case you haven’t yet created your seller account, you can use another option that does not require a seller account. Just view the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator and access the fee information that you need on any account.

Immediately you open the Fulfillment by Amazon revenue Calculator, search for any commodity that you intend to sell on Amazon. You can then punch in the item price, the much you will spend on shipping to Amazon, and the actual product cost.  This software will calculate and show you how much fees you will incur. More importantly, it will display the amount of profit you will receive from the item.

It is imperative for you to run all your items through this software or any other similar tool to help know beforehand exactly how much profit every sell you make on Amazon will yield.


We hope this post has addressed some of your most pressing questions about how to sell on Amazon, more Info https://www.shopify.com/amazon .We also believe you now have an initial idea of what selling with Amazon means. Definitely, you have more questions to be answered. Please feel free to share them all in the comments sections below, and we shall try to address every one of them as soon as possible.

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